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How to Sponsor a child at FORTUNE KIDS FOUNDATION!


  • School Fees
  • School supplies are Text books, Pens, Pencils, School Bags,School uniforms and chalks.
  • Special Meal; The special meal is required for the specified child due to his/her physical status.

You can make a sponsorship to the child by providing to the specific child(children) either financial donation or material donation and financial at the same time. In case of financial donation you can make a wire transfer for the child(children) to Fortune Kids foundation home Bank account. For the bank account details please feel free to contact us.

If you sponsor a child(children) in both material and financial donation, you can send the specific donation to the child(children), where material donation should be sent via postal address mentioned in contact page. Please feel free to obtain more information from us if these are not enough do not hesitate contact us. When you need to sponsor a certain child, we can calculate for you the total costs for the specific child you need to sponsor then we can send to you via email. Please feel free to contact us for the child sponsoring costs.