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Fortune Kids Orphans’ Home work to empower orphans and vulnerable children. We help the children to heal and start a new life where they can realize the dreams they have for their futures.

Our Objectives

  1. Provide for the physical needs of children with safe housing, medical care, and good nutrition in a nurturing environment
  2. Create an environment conducive to social, physical and emotional development comparable to a home setting.
  3. Give the children a good education by working with donors to provide tuition, uniforms, and school supplies from nursery school to university.
  4. Improve the children’s quality of life through recreation activities including sports and field trips.
  5. Educate communities about the needs of orphans and vulnerable children in our society.
  6. Develop strategies to help the community to reduce the number of orphaned and abandoned children.
  7. Develop capacities and skills of the family members of the children who are not orphans so they can be return to a home setting.