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Meet SAMSON MBISE, a man whose face is full of smile, love, passion and dreams. SAMSON MBISE is a Tour guide at a local tour company and during his life he has come to realize that an education truly is the key to success.



SAMSON MBISE is an inspiration to anyone that has the chance to meet him. He always has a smile on his face and is eager to help anyone he knows.



In 2017 he began caring 8 orphans at his home. After years of taking care of these orphaned children at his own home he eventually ran out of space as the number of Orphans in his street increased, So he found that the possible way to help them is to keep them in the same area and make them live as a family. In 2018/2019, SAMSON MBISE managed to rent a local building and started the Fortune Kids Foundation. Fortune Kids Foundation was first established in MERU where it started by renting a small house which had a total of 8 rooms.



The reasons that pushed him to establish the Orphanage center is to reduce the challenges left to the children  after the death of their parents.



At the beginning the center had  8 children . Later on the number of Orphans in the center increased from 8 to 10 and then increased to 11  which is the current number at the center. All the children at Fortune Kids Foundation  are students  in school at MERU, where some are Kindergarten, and primary school.



Fortune Kids Foundation  is running through contributions from donors and friends who wish well to the children, At the beginning SAMSON MBISE used part of his small salary to run Fortune Kids Foundation but later the number of children in the center increased and  so the need to seek help for running the center increased too, therefore He  decided to ask donations from friends and donors.